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Ecommerce has become a vital part of our daily lives, but with the increase in online shopping, shipping and handling charges can often be a headache for both customers and business owners. Fortunately, a delivery plugin that calculates courier charges in BWP is here to make ecommerce easier.

Accurate shipping quotes

A delivery plugin accurately calculates shipping rates based on weight, distance, and shipping speed, providing your customers with accurate quotes in real-time.

Streamlined checkout process

No more manual calculations or delayed shipments. A delivery plugin automates the shipping process, giving your customers a smooth and efficient checkout experience.

Increased conversion rates

With accurate shipping quotes and a streamlined checkout process, customers are more likely to complete their purchase. This translates to increased conversion rates and a boost in sales for your business.

Better shipping management

A delivery plugin integrates with popular shipping carriers and allows you to manage shipping labels, tracking information, and shipping history all in one place.


The delivery plugin is easy to install and can be integrated with your ecommerce platform, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.


Once installed, you can configure the plugin with your preferred shipping carriers, shipping options, and shipping zones.


During the checkout process, the delivery plugin calculates shipping rates based on the customer’s location, shipping speed, and order weight. The customer can then choose their preferred shipping option and proceed to checkout.


From the backend, you can manage shipping labels, tracking information, and shipping history, giving you complete control over your shipping process.

In conclusion, a delivery plugin that calculates courier charges is a must-have for any ecommerce business looking to simplify their shipping process. Accurate shipping quotes, a streamlined checkout process, increased conversion rates, and better shipping management are just a few of the many benefits of using a delivery plugin.

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