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A Simple How to Guide on Using the Weblogic Self-Service BW Domain Portal

Weblogic’s .BW Domain Self-Service Portal serves to provide anyone to search and register their favourite domain any time. No need to contact us or any ISP for that matter to quickly reserve your domain. We hope you will find this guide useful when trying to register a domain using our Self-Service Portal.

Search and Register your favourite .bw domain

by simply visiting the Weblogic Self-Service

Botswana Domain Portal here

Step 1: Decide on a .BW Domain Name

Start by choosing anyone of the following Botswana Domain extensions: .co.bw, .org.bw, .com, .net.bw. Once you have decided, type in your domain name in the image shown to the right, and click search.

Step 2: Check Availability of Your Domain

You will instantly see if your preferred domain is available. If it is, you will see 'Congratulations' your domain name is available, and the price. Note that you will also be presented with other suggested domains that may also exist for your domain. You are welcome to add as many of them to your shopping cart, as you like.

Step 3: Domain Configuration

Before going directly to the Checkout page, you will be presented with an option to add further services that are critical in managing an online presence such as DNS management, hosting, Email Forwarding and so on. If you will be using a different Website Host Provider other than Weblogic, you may enter the Name Servers before continuing.

Step 4: Review & Checkout

You will be shown all of your items in the Checkout Summary page with a total of all your items. For anyone registering their .BW Domain who is a resident or whose company is registered locally in Botswana, then you are eligible for a 50% discount on the listed price. Send us a Live Chat request or a Discount Coupon. Click Checkout to Continue ...

Step 5: Checkout > Create an Account

If you do not have an account on the Weblogic portal, you should enter all your information. If you already have an account, click Already Registered to login.

Step 6: Checkout > Payment

There are currently two methods of payment available: PayPal and EFT. If you wish to pay by credit card, please choose the PayPal option; if not, then you are welcome to choose the Other Payment Options. Weblogic's EFT details will be availed to you, which you can use to make a payment using your domain name as a reference. Once the funds have been received, Weblogic will proceed to activate and register your domain. You will receive an activation email when this happens.

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.BW Domain (Non-Resident)

$ 33

Per AnnumRegister a .co.bw. .org.bw, .net.bw, .ac.bw

Visit the Self-Service Portal.

.BW DomainsBotswana Residents & Registered Businesses

$ 16.50

Per AnnumRegister a .co.bw. .org.bw, .net.bw, .ac.bw

Visit the Self-Service Portal.