What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is all about Basic Business Process Automation

Weblogic’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is a workflow automation tool that runs off a core Open Source engine. Our CRM tool boasts a whole host of features that will help your business automate your business processes right from salesforce automation, marketing automation, production, support, and project management. Gone are the days where the perception of having to be a big business to afford systems like this was the norm. Now any business in Botswana can afford the tools that have given big business the edge for years. Request a Free Trial Now

Business doesn’t stop evolving, why should you?

Ever wondered how you can manage all facets of your business on the move? Well, with our salesforce CRM product you can setup workflow notifications so while your team is busy working, you can receive important notices on activities that are critical to you.

Track Your Sales Activities in Real-Time

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to track your sales pipeline in real-time? While your sales team speak to clients or even potential clients all day long, and what you get is a simple report at the end of the day giving you an overview of what happened that day. Weblogic has achieved this for many of it’s clients already, empowering them to automate their sales processes so that you can keep a finger on the pulse of your sales channels.

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How can Customer Relationship Management benefit your business?

With a CRM system, your organization will be able to improve productivity, reach out to more prospects and close more sales. CRM can help you:
– Raise customer satisfaction
– Increase customer retention
– Reduce marketing expenses
– Anticipate customer needs and preferences
– Increase operating efficiencies
– Improve targeted marketing efforts of customers and prospects
– Provide quicker service to customers.

Track your sales team in real-time,

with a Truly Awesome CRM.

Reach your potential.

  • Enjoy freedom from the office while maintaining control and visibility;
  • Mobile access to your CRM tool while you’re on the go;
  • Gain control and oversight on common business activities and team activity;
  • Create workflow, keeping you in the loop for those important milestones;