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Weblogic Botswana

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Weblogic is a 100% citizen and majority youth owned digital transformation agency, that empowers its clients to do more online, than anyone else. We’re obsessed about developing People > Partnerships > Platforms.

Our 13-year history in Botswana has allowed us to help over 3,000 businesses take their first steps online, with their very first website. This affords us a a great deal of experience, which we hope to share with businesses to make a greater impact online.

Digital Transformation with Weblogic

Schedule an Appointment with Weblogic

Weblogic develops transformative end-to-end web solutions using trusted and reliable platforms, supported by a team of skilled and dependable people. At Weblogic we’re obsessed about people, platforms and partnerships, allowing us to give you more bang for your buck! Our Value for Money Packaged Web Solutions are a great way to get started with your first website.

Why we do it

At Weblogic we believe that Digital Transformation can change lives and livelihoods for the better. We emphatically believe that we can empower others to unleash their true potential online so that together, we may dare to do more and prosper.

Going together

Our goal is to help business owners embark on a digital transformation journey. We recognise the challenges Business Owners often face to get things done, and the pressure to get it done in the fastest possible time. We respect our clients’ busy schedules and are emphatically committed to offering the support necessary on this inevitable journey of change. Although change itself often causes anxiety, and breaking out of comfort zones is no trivial feat, we promise the end result will be worth it. We encourage you to take the Digital Transformation journey with us.

The Digital Transformation Journey

Service Excellence


Value delivered


Customers satisfaction






You’re In Great Hands

Schedule an Appointment with Weblogic

For the past 13 years, Weblogic Botswana has designed and developed in excess of 3,000 websites in Botswana. You can be rest assured that our extensive experience ensures that you are always in great hands

Size Doesn’t Matter

You’re never too small to talk to us. We help everyone and anyone take their first steps to create an web presence.

Friendly & Reliable

We realize that getting your first website is often a daunting experience. We help demystify the online world and offer you friendly and ongoing technical support ensuring that your website uptime is nothing less than 99.9%.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We work harder than anyone else to ensure that you are always satisfied with the product you receive. We take feedback very seriously, and always aim to act on it.

eCommerce in Botswana

eCommerce in Botswana

Online Store

Website Design

Website Design

Grab a Design and let's go

Web App

Web App

Simple web applications

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Go Beyond

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Pure eye candy

Reliable Web Solutions for Everyone

Do more online with Weblogic

Get More

We give you more bang for your buck! Our Value for Money Packaged Web Solutions are a great way to get started with your first website.

Great Quality

Our website packages offer great quality for the price we charge.

Upgrade Anytime

If you feel the need to enhance your online presence, we help you upgrade without starting over.


We ensure that your website remains hacker proof by adopting industry best practices.

It was indeed a marvel to work with Weblogic in the Department of Information Services' websites project. The most impressive thing is that developers were always willing go an extra mile to make sure that the project was a success. It is also worth noting that the project was completed on time and within budget. I hope the company will continue to do good things for clients.

Thebeyame RamorokaProject Manager, Dept. of Information Services, Government of Botswana

Thanks for all your time and effort. We are proud to associate ourselves with Weblogic. God bless you and your team. Horwath Gurugroup

Guru GurumoorthiManaging Partner, Horwath Gurugroup

We look forward to continuing to work with Weblogic to maintain and update the site and
would unreservedly recommend them to any company that wants to develop a professional web site.

Tumelo MolefheMarketing Manager, Botswana Ash

Weblogic is the best, we have been using them for the last two years

Motty ObusengIT Manager, BOPEU

Weblogic has provided excellent service to our Global Expo Botswana team and made our work much easier as we were sure their work will meet our expectations, and where we fell short provided guidance on best options we could take.

Global Expo BotswanaMaxwell Mosinyi, Director, Export Promotion

Weblogic has been providing us with website maintenance services since July 2018, and still are our preferred service provider. They have been providing BICA with excellent service, and continue to do so.

Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA)Oarabile Sedigeng, IT Manager

Weblogic has been providing us with Website Maintenance Services since 2016 and are still our preferred service provider. They have been providing Water Utilities with excellent service and continue to do so.

Water Utilities BotswanaGalebolae Otimile

We acknowledge that Weblogic designed and developed our website and we are happy with the outcome. We enjoyed working with Weblogic, and appreciate their enthusiasm to complete the work on time and to budget. We would gladly recommend them to others.

AnalyticIQ Accountants South AfricaRayhaan TarMahomed (Ceo)

If you want to go fast

go alone, if you want to go far

go together

Weblogic Botswana builds transformative end-to-end web solutions using trusted and reliable platforms, supported by a team of skilled and dependable people. We partner with our clients to help them do more online than anyone else.

Digital transformation | eCommerce | mCommerce | customer acquisition | customer relationship management | and big data analytics.

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