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The website is arguably the most fundamental business requirement today. Without it, most businesses can never embrace their full potential. That’s why Weblogic’s ¬†brand-new approach to website design takes you through a simple, yet effective approach to a good-looking website. We’re confident that our renewed focus on aesthetics and user experience is a far cry from websites of old.

Website Pre-Requisites

If you want a website, you need to register a domain. In Botswana, there are several domains one can register such as: .co.bw, .ac.bw, and .org.bw. After the domain is registered, the website needs a host server, in order to house the website. The easiest way of understanding it is that your domain name is akin to a physical address, and the host server is the house that occupies the physical address.

A Website is not the end of the road, it’s the beginning

Weblogic realises that less is more when it comes to corporate websites. Unless of course you are pursuing an eCommerce strategy, a simple, straightforward website design will often suffice. However, the website alone, will never produce the results you expect by virtue of the fact that it is available on the World Wide Web.

Websites that Make an Impact

Most websites fail to make an impact because most of us tend to forget the purpose the website was created in the first place! Having said that, the primary goal of any corporate website is to help generate leads that ultimately translate into revenue. Luckily, there are several ways you can achieve this using online advertising platforms like: Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and may others. By driving traffic to a website, you stand to increase its chances to generate leads.

Moving Beyond a Website and How to Generate Leads

Fortunately, Weblogic generates leads for clients using the platforms described above and further organises leads into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This undoubtedly helps business owners track the customer lifecycle from lead to customer, giving them complete oversight and visibility over the lead generation process. We encourage you to speak to a Weblogic Website consultant to guide you through the best approach to build a lead generation system, using your existing digital assets.

Simple & effective websites built in WordPress

Market your website to achieve its full potential and generate leads

Use your website in conjunction with a CRM to create a true lead generation system

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Great Quality

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If you feel the need to enhance your online presence, we help you upgrade without starting over.


We ensure that your website remains hacker proof by adopting industry best practices.

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