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Orange Money Botswana Enables eCommerce

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E-commerce is growing significantly in Africa, however, this growth has been slowed down by the lack of payment methods. Cash is highly used, card penetration is still very low and Paypal doesn’t offer cash out.

Orange Money has so far developed a tailored approach with major market players to use mobile money as a web payment method. With Web Payment now available to Orange Money Merchants, it is now easier for Merchants to make their products and services available on their websites for easy payments.

Web Payment now available to Orange Money

Merchants. There is no better time to think

about eCommerce in Botswana than right now!

Join a Secure Ecosystem

The Orange Money Web Payment service is dedicated to merchants, whether they already possess an e-commerce website or not. These merchants just have to sign up for our solution in an Orange Store in their country of business. They must themselves be officially registered retailers (Orange Money Merchants - full KYA compliant)*.

Easy to Integrate with eCommerce Websites

Businesses can subscribe to the new offer of an Orange Money Web Payment module which directly integrates into their website using our APIs. Weblogic is can help Merchants integrate and test the Orange Money API. Contact us for more details.

Simple to Use & Make Payments

End users (Orange Money customers) will be exposed to the service when paying online in their browsers (desktop or mobile). They will need also to access the Orange Money USSD service on their mobile for generation of a One Time Password (OTP) to validate their payment.

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Once-offThe Orange Money Web Payment DEV API is provided to merchants and their integrators to design and test their service before integrating the Orange Money Web Payment COUNTRY API for their live commercial services.