E-commerce Templates

Wide Range of Payment Options

Connect payment gateways in 1 click or use Inquiry form instead

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Add a payment gateway to your online store/shop

  • Go to Page structure on the right side of your website builder;
  • Сlick on the “StoreCart”;
  • In right toolbar select “Store cart” and click “More properties” button;
  • Сheck the box for the payment gateway that you want to apply;
  • Fill in the payment information and click “Apply”.

Modify product type properties for your online store/shop

  • Сlick on any product in your online store/shop;
  • In the right toolbar select “Store” and press “Edit products” button;
  • Go to “Item Type” dropdown list and choose “Edit” option by clicking on it;
  • Go through Lists Option dropdowns and choose “Edit” option by clicking on it;
  • You can Rename/Delete/Change options;
  • Click “Apply” button after all the needed changes.

Show the particular products' category on the specific page

To categorize your products:

  • Open the necessary page where you want to show products’ category in site builder;
  • Add products catalog to the page;
  • Click on the product in your online store;
  • In the right toolbar’s “Store” click on the “Edit products” button;
  • In the Properties popup go to the “Categories” dropdown list and choose the category that you want to apply for the particular product by clicking on it (categorize all your products);
  • Edit categories if needed by using “Edit” button at the bottom of dropdown list;
  • Click on the “Apply” button in Properties.

To show the particular products’ category on the specific page:

  • In the right toolbar’s select “Listing”;
  • In the “Category” dropdown list choose the option on how you want your products to be categorized on the page.