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Why Should You Use Productivity Tools?

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Productivity tools (also known as productivity software) have a definite purpose in our everyday lives, both at home and at work. Chances are, you’ve used productivity tools and you weren’t even aware you were using them.

“Productivity tools” refers to the software that people use to create and produce documents, presentations, databases, charts, and graphs. It’s not exactly the most exciting and fun software out there, but for many organizations, corporations, and individuals, it’s a necessity!

So why should you use productivity tools? While there are a wide range of benefits, the best reason is that it just makes essential, everyday computing tasks more efficient. Who doesn’t want that?

Productivity tools just make work life easier. Who doesn't want that?

Making Tasks Easier

Think back to the last time you used a computer, which was probably some time today. What was the task you needed to accomplish and what software did you use to do so? Most likely, you used a productivity tool.

Most essential everyday computing tasks can be tackled with productivity tools. Need to write a letter? What about creating address labels, or a graph with data that you’ve collected? All of these things and more are easy to do thanks to productivity software.

If you don’t have productivity software, it’s hard to imagine the steps you would need to go through create these tasks on your own. It would require a lot of coordination and extra leg work—certainly not the most efficient use of your already busy day!

Better Communication

Emails have become a burden in many companies who are looking for simpler ways to communicate. Chat tools are an answer.

A tool like Slack allows you to create a channel for every conversation. Unlike email threads, channels can be left or joined as needed. Threads allow for side conversations, and direct messaging lets team members get at it with individual colleagues.

For the small business owner, chat tools are a game changer. No more cc’ing into emails. Instead, you get a transparent, real-time overview of efficient company communications.

Effective Collaboration

Most small business owners are juggling multiple projects and schedules. They need effective collaboration and individual accountability. Project management tools enable this. They ensure that, as a small business owner, you can manage the hierarchy and sequencing of tasks and check that your employees are getting the work done.

Basecamp is a project management tool that uses a combination of features to save you time. To-do lists, for example, allow you to assign projects and tasks and see them getting checked off. Schedules show everyone on a project what is coming up and message boards keep communications tidy.

Reducing Tedious Paperwork

Drowning in absence request forms and expenses claims? Sorting HR records on your mind? You definitely want to consider a tool that will help you get employee details filed, and those routine tasks automated.

Turbine does just that. It makes it easy to record and approve expenses and also lets you create purchase orders on the go. With straightforward tracking and management of holidays, sick days and other time off, who knows, maybe a four-day working week for your company is right around the corner.

Cross Application Integration

The biggest benefit to using a productivity suite, like OpenOffice Suite or Microsoft Office, is that all of the applications can be integrated with each other, and your data and work is usable within the platform.

Perhaps the biggest benefit that we have not yet mentioned is for those who work from home. You’re used to having all the up-to-date, name-brand applications in an office setting, but it’s not always the same once you’re at your home office. Using our recommended productivity tools ensures that you will have the compatibility to work with your files at home, and then easily transfer that work back to your office software.

Weblogic helps businesses improve productivity

Project Planning & Scheduling

Work Better

Weblogic is offering businesses a powerful Project Management Tool powered by OpenProject. OpenProject is the easiest way to plan, visualize, and communicate your product roadmap. Share your product roadmap with your stakeholders, get feedback about your ideas and break it down into a detailed release plan.

With shared timelines you can activate the experience and creativity of your entire team to collaboratively create and visualize your project plan.

In OpenProject you can easily define the project objectives and specify the work to be done related to this scope. Analyze the required activities and create a detailed plan that shows how and when the project will provide the deliverables defined in the project scope.

Task Management & Team Collaboration

Communicate Better

Make your teams working lives simpler, more productive and more pleasant. OpenProject is the easiest way for teams to track their work – and get results.

Everybody knows the goals and works with the team to get there. Easily organize your own tasks and assign tasks to one of your teammates. With OpenProject you have all tasks and communication in one place.

To practice using OpenProject, or even if it’s out of curiosity that you’d like to play around, Weblogic has hosted this application as a free demo here. Feel free to contact us for more details on how Weblogic can help you implement this solution for your business.