Weblogic Web Apps

A web application or Web App for short, is a software application that happens to run on a browser. It is often mistaken to be a simple website, but in reality, it’s far from simple. The aim of this type of application is to allow users to interact with the business behind the application.

Web App Function

An example would be, a customer wanting to check their bank balance, will often login to the bank’s Internet banking application in order to check their bank balance. So a Web App is designed to perform a series of functions, with input from the user. Web Apps typically use a combination of client-site script (HTML, JavaScript etc) to server-side scripting (PHP, ASP etc).

Designing a Web App

Designing a Web App takes some thought on how the user interacts with the software to achieve a desired result the business intended. You’ll find that web Apps are tremendously useful, and can extend a business’s capacity to interact with many more clients, then would otherwise be humanly possible. Overall, it offers convenience to the user, and efficiency to the business.

Mobile App

Mobile Apps are just another form of App that happens to run directly on a mobile device. While Mobile Apps have become very popular, this remains only one way users can interact with a business conveniently.

A Mobile App is one type of Web Application

Weblogic possesses the knowhow to get you started on eCommerce

Web Apps have evolved to run on mobile devices

Weblogic Web Apps

are functional, reliable

and aesthetically pleasing.

Weblogic has developed numerous Web Apps over the years. Web Apps can take various functions, that help businesses particularly with workflow and managing the customer experience. Weblogic is arguably one of the best companies in Botswana when it comes to building Web Apps.