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Weblogic FAQs will help you answer some of your question, as best as possible. If you have a question that is not answered here, please send an email to [email protected]

Website FAQs

What is meant by a static site?

A static website is a website that is developed without a Content Management System. This means that once it is developed, you will not be able to make any changes yourself. 

What is meant by a dynamic site?

A dynamic website is a website that uses a Content Management System (CMS). Weblogic uses a Content Management Systems (CMS) known as Word Press.  The most suitable Content Management System will be offered based on the complexity of your requirements and budget.

How do I get started?

All you have to do is to choose one of Weblogic’ website packages that suits your requirements. If you do not find anything that suits your needs, then you can always contact us and we will prepare a custom quotation.

Can I upgrade my website package later?

Yes, you can upgrade it at any time and pay the difference between the package you have and the package you want. 

Hosting FAQs

Does Weblogic Host Websites?

Yes, Weblogic most certainly does. When you develop your website with Weblogic, the first year of hosting is on us. Thereafter, depending on your website package, you will be charged an annual fee to continue to maintain it.

Will I need a domain name?

Yes, you most certainly will. Without a domain name, you cannot publish your website to the World Wide Web. Weblogic can register you a BW domain (, and, as well as international domains like .org or .com.

Will my website be secure on a Weblogic Host Server?

Yes, you will enjoy standard SSL security when hosting your website with Weblogic. It comes as standard, because we are serious about security. You can be rest assured  Weblogic is always looking out for you!

eCommerce in Botswana FAQs

How do I do eCommerce in Botswana?

Yes, you can do eCommerce in Botswana. In fact, eCommerce has been around for at least 5 years now in Botswana. What makes it possible is first, designing an eCommerce website, which Weblogic can help you with. Then you have to register your domain, and with the first years hosting included with your website, all you need to do then is signup for a payment gateway.

Payment Gateway, what are they?

A payment gateway is a payment platform that allows customers to make payments on your website. Currently only a couple of banks offer this service through PayGate. One is FNB and the other is Stanbic Bank. You will need to sign up for a Merchant Account, and yes there are charges, much like applying for a Speed Point machine. Find out more from one of these banks. Weblogic can also assist you with this, and of course, integrate this payment gateway to your website.

Is paying online secure?

Yes, the banks use 256 bit encryption to ensure your payment is secure. When making a payment, the customer is redirected to the Payment Gateway Secure Server, where the transaction takes place. Your website does not keep customer credit card details, so you can be rest assured you wont need to worry!