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Appointment Booking Scheduler

Schedule an Appointment with Weblogic
This easy appointment scheduler application is a highly customizable web application that allows your customers to book appointments with you via the web. Moreover, it provides the ability to sync your data with Google Calendar so you can use them with other services. It will run smoothly with your existing website, because it can be installed in a single folder of the server and of course, both sites can share the same database. Learn more about the product below.

There are numerous modules of this

appointment scheduling system. Talk to

Weblogic to help you implement an appointment booking system for your business.

Appointment & Customer Management:

Manage all your appointments with flexible calendar displays and layouts. Handle all the customer information and their booking history more easily than ever.

Email Notifications

Configure the system at your own will, apply the business hours and breaks and let customers book, modify or cancel appointments within specific time periods.

Multiple Attendants

Enable mutli-attendant slots and handle groups of customers at certain times. No worries, Easy!Appointments can do that too!

Responsive Design

Launch the app from your mobile phone and handle all the UIs flawlessly in any viewport size.

Services & Service Providers

Set up your services and the employees/teams/sections which will serve the customers. Each service is completely configurable and every provider has his own schedule.

Google Calendar Sync

Synchronize your events with Google Calendar and share them with other applications. Providers and secretaries will be able to schedules their data as well.