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Get Training on Our Content Management System

Weblogic is committed to providing value to our customers by providing all those who opt for a content management system for their desired website solution to be trained.


What does training entail?

You get a practical walk through the website management tool as well as a comprehensive training manual.


How many people can be trained?

Weblogic will train up to three staff members too so that you never have to worry about neglecting your website at no extra cost. All this to ensure you never lose faith in your website.


Worried you might forget how to use the content management tool?

No need, Weblogic will retrain you or your staff at a nominal fee.

Weblogic's content management system is specially designed to cater for your specific needs. We do not rely on content management tools that do not offer flexibility. Weblogic understands the flexible nature of our customer's requirements and their businesses.


Does Weblogic train on other content management tools?

Training in Joomla or other CMS tools are currently not supported.